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At last, I have met my criteria to be able to release the project that has taken up most of my free time during the past fifteen years!

I started coding in the late eighties for personal interest, having used a personal computer since the mid-eighties. I developed a passion for coding and a keen interest in computing systems. I switched from the construction industry, which I had enjoyed immensely before this time, to work in the computing field, being in my late twenties.

I wanted to be involved in what was the PC revolution (preceding the internet revolution), and I was fortunate enough to get some good freelance projects right from the start. From there, I learned to design solutions, work with data, develop applications, and that led to my working as a contract developer with a few permanent roles, from 1993 to the present.

I've been in the very fortunate position to find something I love to do and be able to do it for a living. However, work alone has not been enough to satisfy my desire to code and appetite for development. I've always, right from the start, wanted to produce something to show for my efforts, a framework, a program, a body of work at least. The truth is, to achieve that ambition has been a slower, and more challenging task than I could have ever supposed.

I guess that's because of scope - the framework has addressed a wide range of concerns, to provide completeness. It has required that I learn and acquire skills in a wide variety of technologies and disciplines. That has been the fun for me. The main attraction to me when I began development was the code, and what practicing with it can achieve.

I started work on the .NET based framework in 2002. This was when I had decided to give up C++ and COM, to adopt C#. I had been working on a similar project in C++ but was sold immediately on the immense productivity boost that working with .NET provided. That was the point at which I realized it was possible for me to achieve something ambitious in scale.

The library is at a stage now where much of it is complete and gaining its maturity and dependability in use as tried and trusted code. The rest is very near completion. I've realized that the best way for me to complete it is to publish it now so that I can get back to working on it. Also, I don't want to keep what is working waiting while I finish other unrelated work. Perhaps most importantly, open source isn't just about presenting finished work, by its nature is always work in progress.

Whatever becomes of my contribution back to the community, to whom I am incredibly grateful, I have enjoyed the development of CarCake, and I sincerely hope that others might use it to good effect, or even join me in its continued growth.

Lloyd Franklin, April 2018.