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4x4 BrowsingAnnouncing the forthcoming public release of CarCake.

CarCake, a collection of .NET libraries, combines to form an architectural framework for developing applications and services. Complete with support for build and installer deployment, it offers an end to end solution for software developers working with the Windows platform.

The framework, which is open source and available free of charge under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), offers a variety of features and components designed to aid productivity and produce robust and performant systems from tried and trusted code, patterns & practices.

Is CarCake of interest to me?

If the Windows Platform and its features are part of your IT mix - Cloud-based or On-premises, then yes, it could very well be, because that is CarCake's specialty. CarCake provides those concerned with developing network-connected services and applications a complete solution. It targets two specific types of development:

  • Multi-Document Windows Desktop application development.

  • Build traditional CUA compliant, multi-document task-oriented applications. These are programs that have an associated document format and extension. They are often programs that perform complicated tasks that require many hours of user input, for instance, CAD, Design, and all business applications that need several workspaces, and the ability to save and reload them.

  • Windows Services and middleware development.

  • Build System Services that process work queues, communicate together, controlled via diagnostics and commands. Use the CarCake framework to base your service development upon and get a productive and thoroughly tooled services development environment from the start.

    CarCake is available from sources including Nuget and GitHub.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the origins of CarCake and what the developer has to say about the release please read the authors notes.